The world's first dog ice cream with flavours that dogs want!


Our story begins the Summer of 2014 when the youngest human in the family - then 10 years old – received a question from family friends asking if she could come up with a new ice cream flavour for kids for the "The Great Ice Cream Factory" (name withheld out of respect for the ice cream factory).

If she came up with a truly unique flavour "The Great Ice Cream Factory" would test it! She thought about a bunch of intricate flavours, but then she lost interest and exclaimed that there already are so many flavours for kids - why not make ice cream for dogs?  

"The Great Ice Cream Factory”-owner didn’t get excited by the idea. Maybe because he has young kids – but no dog. We couldn’t let the little-mistress’ ingenious idea go; so instead of giving up, we ran with the idea and in 2015 we premiered Hugo & Celine dog ice cream at restaurants and cafes in the Stockholm area. In 2016 we had already covered 96% of Sweden with home-deliveries and more than 40.000 happy yappy doggy-customers. In 2017 we’re opening up export and have launched a set of new products.


Our two short-haired Dachshunds, Hugo & Celine, are not only the head chefs and tasters, but they are also the inspiration for the business and our products, not to mention the faces of our packaging!

Along with their canine friends, Hugo and Celine taste tested numerous ice cream textures and flavours and ultimately they chose three: “Lickin Liver, Slick Salmon and Magic Moose. In addition, we have developed the best dog snacks and dog food in order to offer all of our four-legged friends the best available food product on the market!